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ViaVision Septiembre 2013

The Electric Motor: The entire construction and technical requirements of an e-car's drive unit differ significantly from the structure of conventional combustio engines. Volkswagen...


ViaVision Julio 2013

CO2 emissions. This work also includes sustainable production processes for our cars and components as well as lightweight production, the refinement of our combustion engines and alternative...


ViaVision Mayo 2013

The electronic development of cars is one of the most important trends within the automotive industry. While the Golf Mk I, which went into production in 1974, was still quite sparsely...


ViaVision Abril 2013

The driver assistance systems aid the comfort of the car’s passengers and, in certain cases, contribute to improved safety. The driver assistance systems support the driver by autonomously...


ViaVision Marzo 2013

Sometimes it is necessary to go to the limits of technological feasibility. Only then can the synergies and potential for subsequent large scale production be reviewed and assessed. Volkswagen...

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